Dubai has been transformed into a worldwide business center with various companies having their branch offices opened in the emirate.


Dubai has some of the leading banks of the world in their list of investors and these banks have marked their prominence here in the city of Dubai.


Offshore company has a bright future in Dubai and the credibility for this fact lies in the success of companies that have already invested.


Offshore banking can simply be defined as banking activities carried out from any remote locations apart from the location where you live. Different individuals as well as corporate account holders have varied reasons to opt for offshore banking facilities and some of the common reasons are requirement of multi currency loans or for saving tax... more about offshore banking


The city of Dubai is located alongside the Persian Gulf’s southern coast on the Arabian Peninsula. Dubai's market is regulated by the investment preferences of the major investors. There are various types of finance services available in Dubai, which includes private sector bank investments, insurances, stock market investments and obviously the real estate. Take a look at our business selections about Dubai: